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Monday, February 11, 2019

FIFA women world cup 2019

What is FIFA 

FIFA World Cup Is a football match.  in the FIFA World Cup play football all over the world team. In this year FIFA World Cup start in June 6 2019. Sports current schedule of FIFA World Cup 2019 you can see here in the below section.

Friday 7th June 2019
Group A / Match 121:00[A1] France v Korea Republic [A2]Parc des Princes, ParisTBC
Saturday 8th June 2019
Group A / Match 215:00[A3] Norway v Nigeria [A4]Stade Auguste Delaune, ReimsTBC
Group B / Match 321:00[B1] Germany v China PR [B2]Roazhon Park, RennesTBC
Group B / Match 418:00[B3] Spain v South Africa [B4]Stade Océane, Le HavreTBC
Sunday 9th June 2019
Group C / Match 513:00[C1] Australia v Italy [C2]Stade du Hainaut, ValenciennesTBC
Group C / Match 615:30[C3] Brazil v Jamaica [C4]Stade des Alpes, GrenobleTBC
Group D / Match 718:00[D1] England v Scotland [D2]Stade de Nice, NiceTBC
Monday 10th June 2019
Group D / Match 818:00[D3] Argentina v Japan [D4]Parc des Princes, ParisTBC
Group E / Match 921:00[E1] Canada v Cameroon [E2]Stade de la Mosson, MontpellierTBC
Tuesday 11th June 2019
Group E / Match 1015:00[E3] New Zealand v Netherlands [E4]Stade Océane, Le HavreTBC
Group F / Match 1121:00[F1] USA v Thailand [F2]Stade Auguste Delaune, ReimsTBC
Group F / Match 1218:00[F3] Chile v Sweden [F4]Roazhon Park, RennesTBC
Wednesday 12th June 2019
Group A / Match 1321:00[A1] France v Norway [A3]Stade de Nice, NiceTBC
Group A / Match 1415:00[A4] Nigeria v Korea Republic [A2]Stade des Alpes, GrenobleTBC
Group B / Match 1518:00[B1] Germany v Spain [B3]Stade du Hainaut, ValenciennesTBC
Thursday 13th June 2019
Group B / Match 1621:00[B4] South Africa v China PR [B2]Parc des Princes, ParisTBC
Group C / Match 1718:00[C1] Australia v Brazil [C3]Stade de la Mosson, MontpellierTBC
Friday 14th June 2019
Group C / Match 1821:00[C2] Italy v Jamaica [C4]Stade Auguste Delaune, ReimsTBC
Group D / Match 1918:00[D1] England v Argentina [D3]Stade Océane, Le HavreTBC
Group D / Match 2015:00[D4] Japan v Scotland [D2]Roazhon Park, RennesTBC
Saturday 15th June 2019
Group E / Match 2121:00[E1] Canada v New Zealand [E3]Stade des Alpes, GrenobleTBC
Group E / Match 2218:00[E4] Netherlands v Cameroon [E2]Stade du Hainaut, ValenciennesTBC
Sunday 16th June 2019
Group F / Match 2315:00[F1] USA v Chile [F3]Parc des Princes, ParisTBC
Group F / Match 2418:00[F4] Sweden v Thailand [F2]Stade de Nice, NiceTBC
Monday 17th June 2019
Group A / Match 2521:00[A4] Nigeria v France [A1]Roazhon Park, RennesTBC
Group A / Match 2621:00[A2] Korea Republic v Norway [A3]Stade Auguste Delaune, ReimsTBC
Group B / Match 2718:00[B4] South Africa v Germany [B1]Stade de la Mosson, MontpellierTBC
Group B / Match 2818:00[B2] China PR v Spain [B3]Stade Océane, Le HavreTBC
Tuesday 18th June 2019
Group C / Match 2921:00[C4] Jamaica v Australia [C1]Stade des Alpes, GrenobleTBC
Group C / Match 3021:00[C2] Italy v Brazil [C3]Stade du Hainaut, ValenciennesTBC
Wednesday 19th June 2019
Group D / Match 3121:00[D4] Japan v England [D1]Stade de Nice, NiceTBC
Group D / Match 3221:00[D2] Scotland v Argentina [D3]Parc des Princes, ParisTBC
Thursday 20th June 2019
Group E / Match 3318:00[E4] Netherlands v Canada [E1]Stade Auguste Delaune, ReimsTBC
Group E / Match 3418:00[E2] Cameroon v New Zealand [E3]Stade de la Mosson, MontpellierTBC
Group F / Match 3521:00[F4] Sweden v USA [F1]Stade Océane, Le HavreTBC
Group F / Match 3621:00[F2] Thailand v Chile [F3]Roazhon Park, RennesTBC

Knockout stage

Round of 16
Saturday 22 June18:30MATCH 37:  [2A] v [2C]Stade de Nice, NiceTBC
Saturday 22 June15:00MATCH 38:  [1B] v [3ACD]Stade des Alpes, GrenobleTBC
Sunday 23 June17:30MATCH 39:  [1D] v [3BEF]Stade du Hainaut, ValenciennesTBC
Sunday 23 June21:00MATCH 40:  [1A] v [3CDE]Stade Océane, Le HavreTBC
Monday 24 June18:00MATCH 41:  [2B] v [1F]Stade Auguste Delaune, ReimsTBC
Monday 24 June21:00MATCH 42:  [2F] v [2E]Parc des Princes, ParisTBC
Tuesday 25 June18:00MATCH 43:  [1C] v [3ABF]Stade de la Mosson, MontpellierTBC
Tuesday 25 June21:00MATCH 44:  [1E] v [2D]Roazhon Park, RennesTBC
Thursday 27 June21:00MATCH 45:  [W37] v [W39]Stade Océane, Le HavreTBC
Friday 28 June21:00MATCH 46:  [W40] v [W41]Parc des Princes, ParisTBC
Saturday 29 June15:00MATCH 47:  [W43] v [W44]Stade du Hainaut, ValenciennesTBC
Saturday 29 June18:30MATCH 48:  [W38] v [W42]Roazhon Park, RennesTBC
Tuesday 2 July21:00MATCH 49:  [W45] v [W46]Stade de Lyon, LyonTBC
Wednesday 3 July21:00MATCH 50:  [W47] v [W48]Stade de Lyon, LyonTBC
Match for 3rd
Saturday 6 July17:00MATCH 51:  [L49] v [L50]Stade de Nice, NiceTBC
The Final
Sunday 7 July17:00MATCH 52:  [W49] v [W50]Stade de Lyon, LyonTBC

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